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Political and Institutional Law

The legal advisory services provided for by the Political and Institutional Law Department of Advocacia Dagoberto J.S. Lima not only encompasses the service to the class entities’ interests, of regional and national reach, but also the interests of legal entities, of Public or Private Law, either mixed economy or their clients.

These legal advisory services, in a nutshell, comprise all the instutional guidance aimed at entities and companies, from the practice of their partnership acts up to the participation and guidance of political decisions to be made, aiming at the adequacy of these companies and entities’ expectations to the political and economical scenario currently seen. 

In the legislative scope, Advocacia Dagoberto J.S. Lima works close to the activities performed by the City, State and Federal Legislative branches, enabling, through legal means, the defense of the interests comprised by the companies and entities to which it provides services. 

Given the fact that the advisory services provided in the area of Political and Institutional Law by Advocacia Dagoberto J.S. Lima are aimed, in their majority, at entities that represent the most varied economic segments, the companies affiliated to those entities can benefit directly from the services provided in referred legal area, through advisory services aimed at clarifying doubts of the members in the most varied areas of Law. 

In practice, these activities can be translated by the participation of the professionals team of Advocacia Dagoberto J.S. Lima as representative of these entities and companies, at the most varied bodies and public departments, such as the Public Ministry, Federal and State, Economic Law Department – SDE, the Ministry of Justice, the Economic Defense Administrative Council – CADE and Self-governing Federal Entities, House of Representatives and Federal Senate.

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