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Business Areas

Tax Law

Advocacia Dagoberto J. S. Lima is fully capable of meeting the tax demands of its clients, offering:

  • Permanent and full consultancy to the tax interests of its clients;
  • Planning of specific and day to day operations of the companies, as well as the operations of acquisition, consolidation, merger and split-up of companies;
  • Adequacy to special tax systems, installments and similar;
  • Development of formal consultancies to the proper bodies;
  • Legislative follow-up of Bills that deal with tax legislation;
  • Administrative and judicial litigation in general, in any jurisdiction, including in Tax Appeals’ Councils and Regional Electoral Court or High Courts.

Rua Caçapava, 49, 11º Andar – Jd. Paulista – São Paulo – CEP: 01408-010 – Tel. 55 11 3061-0244 / 3060-5220 FAX: 55 11 3082-7462